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Total Buy In is the promise we make to our clients. We believe in a philosophy of complete engagement and endeavor to assist companies in achieving the best return on investment from their safety systems. We believe that safety culture is a direct reflection of corporate culture and strive to find a way to encourage and enhance both.


Our Founder and President, Tyler Foley, lost his father when he was only 6 years old due to a work related accident. This had an enormous impact on him, and has been a guiding reason behind his commitment to enhancing work place safety in all industries. According to the United Nations International Labour Organization, more than two million lives are lost each year in job-related accidents and illnesses. Another 268 million lost-time accidents occur globally. If we can reduce this number by even 1 percent 20,000 lives will be saved and almost 3 million incidents prevented.


Our mission is to drive engagement in all areas of business, so that companies can thrive in all economic environments in the most safe and efficient manner possible. Whether you require consulting, training, auditing or contract safety personnel, we are here to assist you with expert analysis to safeguard your employees and your company.