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By Kevin Burns


Ever thought about getting a little plastic surgery done?

You know, a little tummy tuck or something minor - not the kind of plastic surgery that makes you look like an alien like Joan Rivers. No, I’m talking about something that would be hardly noticeable. Would you, out of pocket, pay a doctor to shave a little bump off of your nose or pull the skin under your chin a little tighter? Maybe? If you had the money?

What about if your life depended on getting a cancerous tumour removed? Would you pay a surgeon for that so that you could live a healthier, happier life? Most people, if it came down to it, would fork out the money necessary to pay a surgeon to give them a new lease on life.

Even if they didn’t have the money, they would find a way to get it. I’m talking about cancer surgery now, not plastic surgery. But, what is the treatment for cancer? Aggressive chemotherapy and tumour removal surgery is how it’s done.

Getting aggressive on cancer is the only way to beat it. Hoping that it just goes away on its own isn’t a strategy that yields tremendous results is it?

So what about in your workplace? Why is it that you let the cancerous employees, the real negative venom-spewing safety cowboy, why do you let them get away with their behaviours? The doctor doesn't stand over the patient and scold the cancer or just hope it gets in line. Cancer doesn’t have ears - or a conscience. Nor do the cancerous employees you allow to get away with disruptive and undermining safety behaviour.

If you want to get rid of cancer, you HAVE to be aggressive.

Every workplace should have someone they can lean on for legal advice and I would guess that most do. The problem though, is that although they have a lawyer, they're afraid to use them - especially when it comes to disciplining disruptive and cancerous employees.

Left untreated, cancer spreads. When cancer spreads and managers get undermined, safety is at risk. So with the help of your lawyer, you need to surgically remove the cancer from your organization. Pay the legal bill. It’s cheaper to pay a lawyer than it is to replace the good staff you will lose if your workplace becomes toxic and ultimately unsafe. And, in the end, it is far, far cheaper to pay a lawyer and a settlement than it is to replace lost customers who have gone somewhere else because of your questionable safety record.

It's like knowing when to remove the weeds from the garden. You don’t just move weeds to another part of the garden. You pull them, trash them and protect the garden from future weeds. That’s how your garden grows. That’s how your workplace prospers. And if one more weed sneaks in, you remove that too - just like you would a cancerous tumour.

Stop looking at the disruptive employees as something you can ignore in safety. You can not. Take a stand. Get a legal opinion and do what needs doing. In the end, you’ll have a healthy, happy, vibrant, and safety-focused workplace. And isn’t that the kind of place high quality workers are attracted too?


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